About Us

Large, Big, Huge, Oversized, it has always been tough. Fashion does not have a lot to offer the bigger person. When it comes to your head, it's even harder.


I've spent me life trying to find Sunglasses and now Optical Glasses that fit my melon/head... I would hate to think how many pairs I have purchased that ended up in my glove box because I was just fooling myself that they could and would fit.


After I got my first pair of glasses (age related issues) I settled on a frame that was barely ok. The next day I walked into work, dejected and a colleague said “what's wrong?” I explained that I settled for these frames. When asked why, I said "because I have a Fat Head” She said "Have you’ll googled it?". I was 30 seconds later that my life changed forever...


I am now on my 4th pair of Fatheadz frames. I loved them so much I thought we in the South Pacific would love this solution to our ever growing problem so I reached out to Fatheadz in the USA. I promptly got a call back from the President, Chris and met Rico the founder and got a deal together to support the South Pacific with Fatheadz Eyewear.


So if you feel my pain, or have a friend that could use some Eyewear that fits, please let me help.


I’m offering a 30 day money back return because I want you sure that these are the right Eyewear for you. Just return them in their original condition and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked...